HipHopdx Presents Wordsmith-The 2008 Resolution and Re-Cap Mixtape Out Now!!!




“The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape

Mixed and Blended by DJ Dublee



01 The First 6 Months (prod. Capish)

02 Not A Second to Waste (prod. Street Level)

03 Senor Wordsmith (prod. Strada)

04 HipHop’s Cold Shoulder f. Black Knight & Excetera (of The Camp) (prod. Strada)

05 The Mic Breaker f. Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

06 Judged in Da Cipha f. RhymeZwell & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

07 Game, Set, Point f. Skyzoo, UnLearn, Donny Goines & RAtheMC (prod. Street Level)

08 Levitation f. D-Dub, Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

09 The Ghost In My Dreams (prod. Guilty J)

10 That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness (prod. Rednaz Beats)

11 Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters f. Kimia Collins (prod. Strada)

12 Wordz for Remediez (Remix) 2004 (prod. Wigged Wax) [BONUS]

“As everyone is deciding what to do for New Years I say hey, let me fill some of your time with good music. I’ll recap my top internet releases while I seek resolutions on a variety of topics. If you’re always on the run and feel like time is of the essence, then you’ll directly relate to the Street Level produced “Not A Second to Waste”. Others will get a kick out of dreaming like they’re living the lavish life of an artist in the Strada produced “Senor Wordsmith.” Throughout the year we all experience the judgments will place upon people and the one’s we receive, so let me fill that fix with “Hip-Hops Cold Shoulder”, the Professa produced “Judged in Da Cipha” and “Game, Set, Point.” For the times you felt confused and lost seek the light of “Levitation” and the Guitly J produced “The Ghost in My Dreams.” Finally, find forgiveness and let those resolutions shine bright with the Rednaz Beats produced “That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness, “Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters,” and the Wigged Wax produced “Wordz for Remediez Remix 2004.”

As I take a breath…let me introduce ya’ll to the people who took part in project. Big thanks to Excetera, DonnyGoines, Skyzoo, UnLearn, RAtheMC, & Kimia Collins for blessing me with some bars for the mixtape. A special thanks goes to my crew, The Nu Revolution Camp. Much luv to my cousin Black Knight and my boys Kontact & D-Dub for believing in my product throughout 2008 and beyond. You guys have hung on so far, so lets make an ode over the internet and to millions of people to make great music, be professional, and do what doesn’t seem possible to the average artist. I’m leading the way, just follow my lead and lets build the blueprint to success together.

Next, I have to shout out the producers!!! I am honored to be able to work with my brother Professa through this music, but in the end he is my number one fan as well. He is the definition of a big brother and a friend. Next , I have to show luv to my homie Strada up in Canada for having faith in me for the last 4 years of this grind. We will make alot of hits together and form that epic team like the greats. Next, my homies in Sweden, Street Level, thanks for providing those street heaters for me. You guys embody the essence of 90’s Hip-Hop and soul. Finally, I have to take a bow to my homie Capish in Poland for being my engineer and one of my producers for the past 4 years. This guy represents Nu Revolution to the fullest and is honored to be apart of it. Pish puts up with my annoying sense of detail during the mixing of my tracks and for that alone, I bow to you my man. I can’t forget to thank my man Rednaz Beats for blessing me with his European style of Hip-Hop and I plan to make some hits with him as well. I want to clap it up for Guilty J for providing the beat that brought “The Ghost in My Dreams” story to the light. I’m picky about who I work with, but bravo homie. In closing, I will take another bow to my first and only Deejay to date DJ Dublee. This is the first time he has done a mixtape of this caliber and he killed it. He delivered my mixtape with the seriousness of DJ Premier. He only had a day as well and he did a great job.

My next to last shout out goes to my man DJ Andrew in Boston. He offered his services to me 4 years ago and he is hands down one of the loyalist people I have met in my lifetime. That’s the funny thing too because I have never met him or even spoke to him on the phone, but he has been my Web Tech for sometime and he has never let me down. I know this, I will make sure that guy is rich one day.

For the finale, I want to say thanks to HipHopDX for Supporting all 4 of my mixtape releases in 2008. I am an unsigned artist on the grind and they saw enough in me to support my product. Still, it was my man Joel (Shake) who for the past year and half has given me a forum on the biggest Hip-Hop site on the net. He is the blueprint for the old school A&R, the one who actually still listens to music and would check a band out LIVE to see if they were worth signing. I look forward to alot more work with you guys in 2009 and beyond.”Wordsmith

In 2009 look for the brand new mixtapes from Chubb Rock & Wordsmith, A Crack in the Bridge mixed and blended by DJ King Assassin; Wordsmith‘s Music for the Masses and 2009 Mid-Year Review; The Nu Revolution Camp‘s Flag of Our Fathers & The 2009 Recap & Resolution Mixtape. Also, look for Word‘s debut albums Bridging the Gap with the legendary Chubb Rock, A Baltimore Martini (UK Album with I.N.C The Poet) and his personal debut Vintage Material.

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{New Music} Wordsmith Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goins, & RATheMC-Game, Set, Point (Produced by Street Level)

Check out the 4th release, Game, Set, Point, Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, & RATheMC from HipHopdx and Wordsmith’s “The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape. It features production from Street Level.CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN!!!

Wordsmith Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, & RATheMC-Game, Set, Point (Produced Street Level)
Click Link to Listen:

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{New Music} Wordsmith-The Ghost in My Dreams (Produced by Guilty J) Out Now!!

Check out the 3rd release, The Ghost in My Dreams, from HipHopdx and Wordsmith’s “The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape. It features production from Guilty J.CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN!!!

Wordsmith-The Ghost in My Dreams (Produced by Guilty J/Click to Listen on HHDX)

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The Daily Word Vol. 6: Recognition

The Word of the Day is


This word is not hard to define its the actual process of creating the recognition that is the challenge. As an artist, there are so many ways to create publicity for yourself whether its in the streets handing out free music, posting flyers/promo cards on poles, or doing shows. The most resourceful way is hitting the net and creating publicity through dropping tracks on the major HipHop sites, Blogs, and dropping free down loadable mixtapes. Still, all of these things don’t mean an artist will get bigger or gain more notoriety. Sooo..with that said, I chose the word recognition because in today’s world you really have to stand out to make the smallest dent in the industry. I believe one, you need some luck, two you need to have faith in God, and three, you need to have your own niche. That can be introducing a new hairstyle, new fashion, new form of music, different stage show, swagger, and most of all Business sense. If an artist can gain two of the things I mentioned, you should see your name start to rise in the ranks. Now, this is only my opinion, but I have the stage show, business sense and somewhat different music to say I have made alot of progress in the 4 1/2 years I have been taking Hip-Hop serious. Though, I chose music as my platform for gaining recognition, I know there are millions of people in different situations where gaining recognition is a valuable asset.

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 6


The Daily Word Vol. 5: Judgment

The Word of the day is


Do you remember that Atari game called Pitfall? The graphics were simple and it didn’t look to hard to beat. The music business looks that way to the average person, but those on the inside, haaaa, I said that like its some secret society or something. Anyways those who seek to be successful in the music business know there are plenty of snakes in the game to cause an artist to go off the deep end. Sooo…as I set that up, that brings in the word of day “Judgment.” This word can be tricky because it involves a decision either made through a life experience or your just acting on instinct. Since there is no blueprint on how to make it in the music industry like these crooks on the internet say, you have to exercise a little “Trial and Error” Tadahhhhhh!!!! Bottom line, we are put in so many situations where judgment comes into play whether its big or small. We just have to believe God will handle it, be confident, and stick the script of our final decision. Mannnn that seems simple, but hey on the real have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will try to drop something quick for the early birds tomorrow, PEACE!!!

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 5


The Daily Word Vol. 4-Perseverance

The Word of the day is


Do you think your ready for the ups and downs life, and if your an artist, the music industry will bring you? I ask this question because there are so many snakes on both sides of the tracks that you better rebound like your coming out of a bad relationship. You know that saying “Only the strong will survive?” Well, though its cliche’ it is so true. Think of how many times you lost a job,  someone less qualified gets promoted before you, an artist with less talent is on a major label or even somone who only has one hit sells more records then your crtically acclaimed album. Well, situations like the one’s I mentioned force someone to either break or exercise some PERSEVERANCE!!!! There are tons of examples I could throw out there, but everyone in this world is going through there own struggles in which they must decide the outcome. I will say this, if you quit and don’t push through the hard times to reach your dream, its the same as giving up or having your spirit broke. Sooo….I ask everyone who reads this, “Dig down deep and find the will power to break through life’s many roadblocks.”

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 4


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{New Music} Wordsmith-Senor Wordsmith (Produced by Strada) Out Now!!

Check out the 2nd release, Senor Wordsmith, from HipHopdx and Wordsmith’s “The Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape. It features production from Nu Revolution Camp Producer Strada. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN!!!

Wordsmith-Senor Wordsmith (Produced by Strada/Click to Listen on HipHopdx)

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{Blog) Wordsmith-Guerilla Marketing: My Daily Grind Part 4

It’s been a minute ladies and gentlemen, but I promise to drop some good info to the masses on a weekly basis from this point on. Okay…lets get this started people; I want to talk about promoting your stage show so you can travel the world. As an unsigned artist I have been fortunate enough to perform in the UK, Texas, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Philly, New Jersey, New York, Boston, Detroit, & California. How was I able to do this? Simple, I actually put together a very entertaining show that creates a shock and awe effect. If an artist thinks they can go on a stage and rap over their recorded lyrics or just stand in the middle of the stage, you will probably only do 5 shows a year. I’m sorry, but you can’t market yourself through shows if you perform and everyone forgets about you the next day and that will happen if the crowd doesn’t see anything different then they can get from a signed artist. Look at it like this, if you’re unsigned it’s to your benefit to go out there and be prepared to wow the audience. I always looked at shows like a live music video because it is a way to express your songs concept and vision. We all have our own niche on stage; mine incorporates theater because that’s what I got my degree in while in college. I’m not telling anyone to follow my lead, instead use it as a method to think outside of the box. If you go out there and express your music through careful movements, good mic projection, and interaction with the crowd, seventy five percent of the time you will get booked for another show on the spot. I can say that because it has happen to me numerous times. Believe me those doors will open systematically and you will be getting booked in bigger venues and opening for signed acts. I never say I know all when I speak about this marketing thing, but at the most I would like to change the way the average unsigned artist looks at shows. Still, it will help if you check out my first 3 blogs because promoting your brand/music will help boost your shows even more. Don’t forget, make sure you go to and sign up with the AARC like I mentioned in my 2nd blog. They are based out of DC and the service is free, so go there and see why the AARC and performing go hand in hand.

For the Fans

Something new I want to do is spend a little time talking directly to my fans to give some insight on my weekly projects. I took Monday to do some more writing for Chubb Rock and I promo tracks and mixtape for 2009. So far, the song titles are “The Mack Report” produced by Strada, “Music for the Millenium” produced by Capish feat. Soulstice, “Virtual Relaxation” produced by Professa, The Subway Series produced by DJ B feat. Skzyoo, Donny Goines, Geolani, Fred Knuxx, & Torae, “I’m Here Now” produced by Street Level feat. Kontact & Black Knight, and “Top of the World.” Chubb and I will start dropping our promo tracks online starting in December, so make sure you don’t miss a single release. Oh yeah, my homie from the west coast DJ King Assassin will be mixing and blending the mixtape we drop a month before the album as well. That same day I was hit up by this guy named Jerry from 89.7 FM in Ghana about interviewing Chubb and I. The PR from our album hasn’t even started and we have stations overseas inquiring about it. Monday was just as good day for me overall because later that night “Super Hero Clothing” in the UK contacted me about sponsorship, so I did the deal in less then 10 minutes. I also got a surprise e-mail from one of the record promoters at Def Jam, so we are meeting on Monday. Once I leave there, I will be meeting with my man Shadeed from the to get some info on good PR people/companies. I ended my night by doing 35 minutes of the P90x workout, which is amazing to say the least. You will see results in about a week, but I still have to give the nod to my brother Professa on the workout tip because he broke me down the first time I took one of his training classes.

Yesterday, Chubb and I discussed the deal we are negotiating with Traffic Entertainment in Boston, so we can get an idea of our attack methods to promote it. When we finished on the phone I got in touch with the promoter at Sonar in Baltimore to see about some upcoming shows. I ended up getting booked to open up for “The Nappy Roots” on January 21st, so if your in the DMV area make sure you come out. A few hours later I headed home from work and did 30 minutes of the upper body P90x workout before I had to get with DMV producer Judah. Both our schedules are nasty, so it has been hard trying to get up with one another, but he laced me with 5 hot beats. For those of ya’ll who don’t know Judah’s production, check out the fresh interview he did with Once I left there I did some more work on my next HipHopdx mixtape called “The Resolution & Re-Cap.” My show deejay DJ Dublee will be handling the mixing and blending duties, so look for that to drop by the New Year.

In closing I still have a busy week, but I will take tomorrow to spend some time with my family. Let us all be thankful for life and liberty and I hope all my fans will stuff there face with Mama’s home cooking, whoooo. Be back next week folks, PEACE!!!!


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{Exclusive Interview} Wordsmith Sits Down W/ Illuminati 2G

Illuminati 2G kicked it with what has to be one of the hardest working artists in the game, Wordsmith for a exclusive interview. We discuss his numerous projects, what he feels is missing from hip hop and so much more. Check it out

Wordsmith Interview w/ Illuminati 2G (Click)

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{New Music}: DJ King Assassin Feat. Wordsmith-How U Like Me Now (Produced by Chuck Clasik) on

DJ King Assassin Feat. Wordsmith-How U Like Me Now
(Produced by Chuck Clasik/Click to Listen on HipHopdx)

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