{New Music} Wordsmith Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goins, & RATheMC-Game, Set, Point (Produced by Street Level)

Check out the 4th release, Game, Set, Point, Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, & RATheMC from HipHopdx and Wordsmith’s “The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape. It features production from Street Level.CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN!!!

Wordsmith Feat. Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, & RATheMC-Game, Set, Point (Produced Street Level)
Click Link to Listen:



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The Daily Word Vol. 6: Recognition

The Word of the Day is


This word is not hard to define its the actual process of creating the recognition that is the challenge. As an artist, there are so many ways to create publicity for yourself whether its in the streets handing out free music, posting flyers/promo cards on poles, or doing shows. The most resourceful way is hitting the net and creating publicity through dropping tracks on the major HipHop sites, Blogs, and dropping free down loadable mixtapes. Still, all of these things don’t mean an artist will get bigger or gain more notoriety. Sooo..with that said, I chose the word recognition because in today’s world you really have to stand out to make the smallest dent in the industry. I believe one, you need some luck, two you need to have faith in God, and three, you need to have your own niche. That can be introducing a new hairstyle, new fashion, new form of music, different stage show, swagger, and most of all Business sense. If an artist can gain two of the things I mentioned, you should see your name start to rise in the ranks. Now, this is only my opinion, but I have the stage show, business sense and somewhat different music to say I have made alot of progress in the 4 1/2 years I have been taking Hip-Hop serious. Though, I chose music as my platform for gaining recognition, I know there are millions of people in different situations where gaining recognition is a valuable asset.

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 6


The Daily Word Vol. 5: Judgment

The Word of the day is


Do you remember that Atari game called Pitfall? The graphics were simple and it didn’t look to hard to beat. The music business looks that way to the average person, but those on the inside, haaaa, I said that like its some secret society or something. Anyways those who seek to be successful in the music business know there are plenty of snakes in the game to cause an artist to go off the deep end. Sooo…as I set that up, that brings in the word of day “Judgment.” This word can be tricky because it involves a decision either made through a life experience or your just acting on instinct. Since there is no blueprint on how to make it in the music industry like these crooks on the internet say, you have to exercise a little “Trial and Error” Tadahhhhhh!!!! Bottom line, we are put in so many situations where judgment comes into play whether its big or small. We just have to believe God will handle it, be confident, and stick the script of our final decision. Mannnn that seems simple, but hey on the real have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will try to drop something quick for the early birds tomorrow, PEACE!!!

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 5