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WORDSMITH can claim many areas around the globe as his home. The son of a former Full Colonel in the Army, he has resided in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, Texas, Kansas and even Germany to name a few. After moving around so much, Word found rap as an outlet when he started saving his lunch money each week throughout high school to buy classic tapes from Redman, Big L, Nas, Eric B. and Rakim, Jeru the Damaja, A tribe called Quest, Da Bush Babees, Krs One, Gangstarr, Das Efx, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and his cousin Roc Marciano.

Wordsmith’s debut album, “Vintage Material” is going to lay the foundation for the type of music Word will be releasing in the future. Everything from Soulful undertones, 90’s Backdrops, unparalleled lyrics, and head banging commercial appeal, will make this project a classic on your shelf for years to come. On the show tip, Wordsmith created this project to be performed in large arenas, so get ready to experience a stage show that will closely resemble his Theater background. Still, before the release of his debut album, Word teamed up with the Legendary Chubb Rock to make a monumental project called “Bridging the Gap.” It is scheduled to be released in January of 2009 on Liason Records (US). Simultaneously, Wordsmith will be releasing an album in the UK called “A Baltimore Martini” with Dutch artist I.N.C The Poet on Dented Records (UK). Word’s future projects, “Appetizer at the Pioneer Pub EP,” “The Soundscape Experience,” “The Golden Era,” and two Rock/Hip-Hop albums called “Rockstrumentals” and “R2: Ground Zero” will continue to show his diversity for many years to come. Word’s plan in the future is to have one of his Hip-Hop projects drop on the same day as one of his Rock projects, so he can dominate two separate genres of music at the same time. On the mixtape circuit, Wordsmith has released an official mix album called “Statements & Stipulations,” which was sponsored by 730 from HipHopgame.com. He followed that up with a remix version of the project called “Statements & Stipulations” Special Edition. Not too many people put out mixtapes that sound like albums and MTV’s Mixtape Mondays seemed to agree with him as they dubbed his Mix Album a notable selection in 2005. This project ultimately spawned interviews and reviews with The Baltimore City Paper, Hip-Hop Weekly, One-Ten Magazine, The Atlantic City Press, ABC’s Official Heat, HipHopgame.com, HipHop.org, RapTalk.net, Rago Magazine, Who Mag DVD, Hoodlife DVD, King Size Magazine, HHNLIVE.com, Soundslam.com, Grind Mode Magazine, Critical Beatdown Magazine, The Noyse Magzine, Okay Player, XM Radio UKHH.com, Britishhiphop.co.uk and more.

In 2006, Word knew he had to take his music to the Next Level as he put it and he did just that by releasing a Radio Smash called “Mami Chula.”It debuted on Canada’s Number one urban station 103.7, The Monster and Japan’s number 1 urban station, Joint One Radio 76.1 FM, on the same day, October 24th, 2006. Word’s underground single, Season of the MC, debuted on Comcast Cable Music Choice in October to complete the package and overall Word currently has well over 6 tracks in rotation on Comcast Music Choice and that afforded Wordsmith the opportunity to debut his next level stage show on Adelphia/Comcast Cable’s Backstage Pass Show on January 22nd, 2007.

In 2007, it was time for Word to make some noise on the College Radio airwaves and he did just that. A track called “Ode to tha Pioneers” that ended 2007 ranked number 10 on the RapNetwork National College Radio Charts Top 30 and peaked at number 4 as of Jan. 22nd, 2008. This track is a prequel to another song that’s only been released on Wordsmith’s myspace page called “As the Art Fades Away,” and it seems the track has garnered its own attention as well. In 2007, fans and underground Hip-Hop heads have voiced there discrepancies about a Nas track titled “Surviving the Times” that closely resembles Word’s track “As the Art Fades Away” The story got so big that Wordsmith and Nas A&R, Mike Brink, did a conference call to discuss the issue and clear the air. HipHopdx.com played the mediator and dropped the follow up story to satisfy the delight of the many fans that were looking for a conclusion to the story.

Needless to say, the PR has helped both MC’s and Wordsmith will move forward with the official release of his single when he can lock down a recording contract with an independent or major label. In the meantime, on January 8th, 2008, Wordsmith released the HipHopdx.com sponsored Mix Album, “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 1 to help promote his debut album. The mixtape has received rave reviews from HipHop Weekly & the Premier Mixtape site Mixtapekings.com. On May 30th, Wordsmith released his second mixtape of 2008 called “The Mid-Year Review” and he will follow that up with “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 2 and “The 2008 World Wide Web Wrap-Up” Mixtapes to cap the year off.

This year has also seen Wordsmith sign a huge Marketing Deal with Joint One Radio to promote his music and image in Japan. As of August 2008, they secured a deal for Wordsmith to write some of the theme music for a New Platinum Games/Sega release called “Madword,” which will debut on the Nintendo Wii. The same week Word was hired to write for this video game, G4TV contacted him to appear on there US Webby Award winning “Freestyle Sessions 101” as well. A deal with the UK based RVUP soon followed and they will be marketing wordsmith throughout the United Kingdom. They recently signed Word’s “Ode to the Pioneers” track to Puma Fragrances for a CD-Rom game they are packing with the product.

Towards the middle of 2008 Word started to get his feet wet in the radio arena. In February Poot from 103.9/0C 104 contacted Wordsmith after being recommended by eastern shore MC Tryfe and his manager Kev to do the Hip-Hop Intro’s for the station. Currently, Word handles the show intros for Chubb Love from 10-2 PM & Poot during his 7-12 PM Timeslot. As of March 2008, Word started his own worldwide Podcast called “Revolt Radio,” that has over 10,000 subscribers after 21 weeks on the air. Syndication deals with Amalgam Digital, they released Joe Buddens Mood Muzik, Theindieplanet.com, Crackaudio.com, Conspiracy Worldwide Radio (UK), EG Radio Online, the Vibe Source, Unsignedhype.org & Microphonebully.com, will take the podcast to the next level. These universal deals not only describe Wordsmith to a “T,” but they represent the very diverse camp he has been putting together for a few years.


Though, Wordsmith is a versatile MC, he is also a theater trained actor graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. Performing in plays like “All my Sons” and the Musical “1776,” Word was able to translate his acting skills to his music and live shows. He refers to his stage shows as “Hip-Hop Plays” because of the scenery changes, props, and stunning movements that bring his songs to Life on stage. On January 27th, 2007, Wordsmith had the opportunity to debut his stage show on Adelphia/Comcast Cable’s Backstage Pass Show and he pulled out all the stops by using everything from fake snow, fake rain, umbrellas, tables, chairs, leaves, confetti and more. Wordsmith doesn’t want to wait until he has access to a major set as he feels like he can accomplish his vision right now by being very persistent in his craft.

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