The Daily Word Vol. 5: Judgment

The Word of the day is


Do you remember that Atari game called Pitfall? The graphics were simple and it didn’t look to hard to beat. The music business looks that way to the average person, but those on the inside, haaaa, I said that like its some secret society or something. Anyways those who seek to be successful in the music business know there are plenty of snakes in the game to cause an artist to go off the deep end. Sooo…as I set that up, that brings in the word of day “Judgment.” This word can be tricky because it involves a decision either made through a life experience or your just acting on instinct. Since there is no blueprint on how to make it in the music industry like these crooks on the internet say, you have to exercise a little “Trial and Error” Tadahhhhhh!!!! Bottom line, we are put in so many situations where judgment comes into play whether its big or small. We just have to believe God will handle it, be confident, and stick the script of our final decision. Mannnn that seems simple, but hey on the real have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will try to drop something quick for the early birds tomorrow, PEACE!!!

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 5



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