The Daily Word Vol. 4-Perseverance

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Do you think your ready for the ups and downs life, and if your an artist, the music industry will bring you? I ask this question because there are so many snakes on both sides of the tracks that you better rebound like your coming out of a bad relationship. You know that saying “Only the strong will survive?” Well, though its cliche’ it is so true. Think of how many times you lost a job,  someone less qualified gets promoted before you, an artist with less talent is on a major label or even somone who only has one hit sells more records then your crtically acclaimed album. Well, situations like the one’s I mentioned force someone to either break or exercise some PERSEVERANCE!!!! There are tons of examples I could throw out there, but everyone in this world is going through there own struggles in which they must decide the outcome. I will say this, if you quit and don’t push through the hard times to reach your dream, its the same as giving up or having your spirit broke. Sooo….I ask everyone who reads this, “Dig down deep and find the will power to break through life’s many roadblocks.”

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 4


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