The Daily Word Vol. 3: Perception

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Whether your a signed or unsigned artist, perception and professionalism should be apart of your daily persona. I think it was 2 years ago when my brother told me, “Hey, even if you haven’t made it yet, you have to look like you have.” Man, was that statement true because we live in such a materialistic world that the average business man or associate will definitely take you more serious if they percieve your about something. I know it sucks, but u wouldn’t go to work looking like a bum and artists need to treat there craft the same. When you go out be aware of your image now; that way when you blow the tranisition will be alot easier. Also, this is the entertainment business where once a persons image slips, there career seems to follow. Its unfortuante, but perception can be your best friend if you can pull it off and no I’m not saying it like you have to trick people. If your an artist with true ambition to make it you will make sure the public perceives you as someone to pay attention to. Maybe one day you’ll have the paparazzi  knocking on your door, car, studio and anything else they can squeeze into.

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 3


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