The Daily Word Vol. 1: Bloggers

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If your a musician or have aspirations to make it big in the entertainment field, you have to become friends with these bloggers out here. They are regular people just like you and I, but they love to spread news and talk about Celebrity Gossip, HipHop, Current events and alot more. I’m friends with numerous bloggers around the net and because I do HipHop I reach out to the one’s cover that particular genre. Some have hit me up, others I find on my own, but its truly like the cliche’ phrase your looking for “A needle in the hay stack.” Still, I don’t limit myself and I have managed to become friends with bloggers in Russia, Japan, Australia, Sweden and more. People, we have to utilize the internet, its no holds barred, no boundaries, a networking device that is only going to get larger as we feed it information. Hell, start your own blog on here or the well know sites and Hey, I’ll send u some music, videos, and news if you hit the blogging circuit.

Thanks for your time and this has been

“The Daily Word”

Vol. 1


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